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So, Mac, Triple M or MixMasterMac as he is known is various circles has been involved in playing and producing music on and off for the last 30 plus years. (Yes, how does he maintain those youthful looks?). He began DJing many years before he ended up doing any form of broadcast radio. His first venture started with two employees of a TV hire company. They were Ben West and Chris Phillips (Jazz FM) and the station was called  Starpoint FM with a 100% R&B and Hip-hop format. It spawned loads of good people like; Wilber Willberforce (1Xtra), Maxi Jazz (Faithless), Carl Lewis (Starpoint) and probably a few more that are too numerous to mention.  Further down the line and being a strong proponent of UK performers he worked with his partner on music festivals called shows called BWIM & BMIM – Black Women/Men in Music which showcased the best in UK artist performing with a live band in a great venues. In the late 80's he managed and co-produced an artist called Adonte. Adonte charted with the hits “Dreams” and “Feel It” before departing for Japan. Since the early 80’s Mac has performed as a DJ with the DJ collective called Solique. The line-up has changed and transformed over the many years but has always consisted of his long time compadre Rohan the Maestro. They perform at events around the country and Europe and have a great underground party following. Mac is also a qualified trainer and motivational speaker and can be found teaching and inspiring people around the UK especially during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  You may have also heard his voice on radio commercials and jingles and you can find him podcasting as part of the Raydeoh internet radio/podcast "Reality Chekkas" and a few other side projects. You can find him these days back doing what he does best on Soulbeat radio. Macs' passion for radio reignited by his friend the Late Rob Dorski who asked Mac to sit-in for him during his illness. Unfortunatly Rob Dorski succumbed to his illness in August 2016 but Mac has continued with the show and is grateful for the opportunity that Rob offered him.



e-mail: mixmastermac@gmail.com

Facebook: MixMaster Mac

Twitter: @TheMixMasterMac