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Chris Warren known to many as the Boogie man or Dancing man 

Born in 1961 in North London and listening to motown on Radio Caroline I knew from an early age that the music was for me and I started buying vinyl and spinning some vibes from about 12 years old 

My journey really began back in 1977 when I left school and started to frequent local nightclub venues which by now were in Kent as my family moved out of London to West Malling 

Greenways West Malling, Tudor House (Kent Soul Festival) Maidstone The Orchard Spot Maidstone, Kempton Manor Ashford, King Arthur's Court, Atlantis Margate 

Spring Tavern, The Moat, Kings Lodge, Hill Top, The Hunting Lodge Larkfield 

Then there was Flicks Dartford Stage 3 Leysdown and gradually my love of the Jazz Funk and Soul took me all over London, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and to Frenchies. The Royalty Southgate, Tiffany's, Croydon Room at the Top, The Goldmine Canvey Island, The Greyhound, Oscar's Green Gate Ilford, Epping Forrest Country Club, Special Branch Tooley Street, Lyceum in the Strand, Hillys Forrest Row & Flamingos Greenwich.

Following Chris Hill, Froggy, Robbie Vincent, Tom Holland, Colin Hudd, Jeff Young, Mike Lavell, Nick Holloway, Giles Petterson and many more of the Legendary DJ'S, Then came Caister and many great year's 

Dancing all over the South East and even on Top of the Pop's 

Robbie Vincent really started my interest in radio because he was such an all rounder both musicaly and with his legendary chat shows! 

Also locally Dave Brown on Radio Medway was great too back in the day. 

Radio eventually started for me recently and now here I am all excited about bringing to the table my own Love of the Sweet Jazz Funk and Soul music to the Soulbeat family 



Let's get it on !!



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